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Successstory 2023/3: 𝑹𝟐𝑪: Reflective and reactive camouflage

Successstory 2023/2: Protection through intrinsic memory features

Successstory 2023/1: IP Protection using self-modifing code – preventing product piracy through software-hardware binding

"Stehen erst am Anfang der Herausforderungen", Thomas Ziebermayr in DIE MACHER, Winter 2022 – Artikel DIE MACHER online

M. Wiesinger, D. Dorfmeister, S. Brunthaler: "MAD: Memory Allocation meets Software Diversity". 1st Workshop on DRAM Security (DRAMSec), co-located with ISCA 2021.

Presentation "Memory Allocation meets Software Diversity" on YouTube