PUFDIV - PUF-based IPS diversification

PUFDIV unites software diversity and physically-unclonable functions for mutual benefit. The key idea is to bind specific instances of software (viz. diversified software) to specific instances of hardware (viz. hardware offering a specific PUF). This project combines the results of the preceding projects and is therefore characterized by being of particularly high risk. To mitigate this risk, we devise a comprehensive strategy to iteratively and incrementally build research prototypes to validate our assumptions and challenge our ideas.


Protect the program

Protecting the program 𝒫 by pervasive use of dynamic diversity: (i) to generate multiple replicas of the original program, then (ii) to “explode” these replicas by using a dynamicallydiversified packer, and (iii) using a specific PUF profile to select the proper variant and then (iv) using PUF-driven dynamic control-flow diversity to select the proper replica.